Busting Electric Bus Myths

Busting Electric Bus Myths

5 Electric School Bus Myths

School districts are starting to look at the different alternative school buses. When considering electric school buses, there are many different myths that sway customers away from going that route. We are here to bust those myths on electric school buses and show you, just how beneficial they can be when added to your school bus fleet.

Can’t Keep Up with the Demand of a School District

It has been said that electric school buses aren't able to keep up with the demand that school districts have. School districts are running at least two times a day for multiple hours at a time, and electric buses are more than capable of keeping up. The break in the middle of the day makes the perfect time to charge up if needed.

Hard to Maintain

In the past, electric school buses were known for being hard to maintain but as technology has improved over time that has proven to be false. Maintenance significantly decreases with electric school buses because there are far fewer moving parts in the motor. In addition to fewer moving parts, drivers are able to reduce the need for maintenance by charging it correctly and safely.

Not the Most Cost-Effective Option for Fleets

The upfront costs of an electric bus can be a major deterrent to people looking for a new bus, but there are many things to be considered before making your decision. As stated previously, maintenance costs are significantly lower as well as the energy costs it takes to run your bus. Lastly, there are incentives available from the government for those wanting to switch to a zero-emission vehicle.

Won’t Work in the Extreme Midwest Winters

Although there are some electric vehicles that perform poorly in the colder months, that isn’t the case for all electric-powered vehicles. Thomas Built Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley’s battery system is built to provide increased safety and unparalleled performance, even in the colder months.

Charging Electric Buses Takes too Long

Charging an entire electric bus doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. The Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley charges in just 2-3 hours when charging at a DC charging station. After purchasing an electric bus your drivers are able to receive a training session, it is during that time that they will learn how to safely operate and charge an electric bus.

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