Preventive Mechanical Maintenance For Buses

This is all too common.

A bus unexpectedly breaks down. The fleet, which had already been spread thin, is forced to make timing and route changes. A tiny issue snowballed into a much bigger problem. The worst part is it all could have been avoided.

Don’t let this happen to you.

By scheduling regular inspections and repairs ahead of time, you become proactive rather than reactive. A well-run preventative maintenance program for buses also:

  • Improves safety

  • Saves money

  • Prevents breakdowns

  • Reduces downtime

Make Safety Your Priority

First, it’s important to recognize that preventative maintenance is about more than dollars and cents. It’s a safety concern. Buses can quickly become dangerous due to the neglect of routine repairs. If you allow a driver to get behind the wheel of a bus that has not been inspected thoroughly or recently, you are putting everyone at risk. On top of any potential injuries or fatalities, fleet managers can be held liable in the event of an accident if it’s determined that preventative maintenance could have addressed the issue.

Start Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Everyone runs their program a little differently, but at a minimum you need:

  • A checklist of maintenance tasks

  • Frequency for each of those tasks

  • Regular input from your drivers

  • A records system to keep you on track

Include Your Drivers In The Program

No one knows your fleet better than the drivers themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to get feedback in the form of daily inspections. Providing a checklist makes this process smooth and systematic. Also, encourage your drivers to report any and all issues, no matter how insignificant. By addressing small problems early, you can prevent them from ballooning into much bigger issues.

Remember To Keep Your Buses Clean

It’s easy to focus on the engine, fluids, and tires. But one thing that should always be on your list is cleanliness. Quick, surface cleanings are important for the enjoyment of your passengers. Just remember to have a deep clean (internal and external) on the calendar. You don’t want to go too many weeks without getting rid of any grime.

Find A Reliable Partner

Unless you can handle all maintenance and repairs in-house, it’s important to find a partner you can trust. Here at Kerlin, we manage our own bus service center in Silver Lake, IN. But if you aren’t nearby, you can also find a list of service centers all over Indiana.

Kerlin Bus Sales & Leasing is a full-service dealer of both new and used buses as well as parts and service.