Skoolie Bus Redo Videos

Converting a used school bus into a tiny home or RV is nothing new but every skoolie build has some unique features that make it perfect for their owners. Check out these 5 skoolie buses and start planning your build!

2001 Skoolie Bluebird Bus

Fully equipped with a solar roof, a wood-powered stove and custom woodwork throughout the entire bus makes this the best way to travel the US. Devan and Brianna have thought out every aspect of this bus to make it the perfect home for them and their furry friends. This includes a built-in discrete litter box that is easy to miss at the front of the bus as well as a large kitchen with a full-size stove and fridge.

Their bus has a diesel 5.9 Cummins Engine and many features that allow them to live off-grid for many days at a time. They have a 100-gallon water tank that is hooked up to their kitchen and bathroom as well as a propane-powered fridge. On the bus roof, you’ll get to see their solar panels that power everything from their lights to their laptop and phone chargers.


Off-Grid Solar Powered Bus for Five

This family of five spent one year converting a school bus into their next home. With three kids living, learning, and playing on this bus they were intentional with every aspect. They chose to expand their countertop from the kitchen to the front of the bus to give lots of extra workspace for the kids. There are two bunk beds for their two oldest children to call their own and the master bedroom in the back of the bus.

Their bus is equipped with a 300-gallon water tank that allows them to go off-grid for up to 3 weeks. The solar panels on the roof provide energy to everything in the bus that needs electricity. This includes all of their lights, the fridge, fans, and the air conditioner.


Modern School Bus Conversion

This couple chose to convert and live in a 1993 school bus as a way to offset the high living costs in Australia. They recently finished their conversion bus and gave a complete tour in the link below. Throughout the tour, you will notice many unique features including a hidden tv, seat belts on the couch, and two bathrooms. They also show different ways they were able to not sacrifice traditional home amenities.

Their washer and dryer and full-size gas stove are just two of the amenities they chose they could not live without. Since they are cooking with gas they chose to include a range hood to help with the gas fumes and strong smells.


Start to Finish Timelapse Redo

Enjoy this start to finish timelapse video of a Thomas Built bus redo. Maria Jose and Chase spent four months learning every step of the process and getting creative with the functionality of their bus.

The couple shows many of the important steps necessary to convert a bus into a tiny home on wheels. Those steps include completely gutting the bus, installing the water tank, and attaching solar panels to the roof. In the end, you’ll get to see the finished product with all of the unique features they chose to include.


Unique Pink Skoolie

This couple quickly adjusted to the skoolie lifestyle after they purchased their 30 foot 2005 Thomas Freightliner to convert into a tiny home. With the help of Vanlife Conversions, they were able to make their dreams a reality. This bus is packed with cool features, inside and out. The exterior of the bus has an awning that stretches 8 feet out as well as a deck off the back of the bus.

Inside you’ll see they have two living spaces on either end of the bus, with the back one that can be converted into a bedroom. The living space towards the front of the bus has a couch that serves many purposes that include storage, safe seating with seatbelts, and kitchen table seating.


Ready to start your RV or tiny home conversion? Give our team a call. We will help match you with the perfect used bus for your project and answer any questions that come up along the way.