Used Bus Buying Tips

Buying a bus is a big decision and there are many different aspects to consider before making the purchase. Below you will find a list of tips to help potential bus buyers make the right choice.

Establish the Intended Use

These days school buses are used for more than just picking kids on their way to school or toting them back and forth from sporting events. People have been creating more reasons to purchase a bus, including food trucks, pop up shops and tiny homes. But before going out and making the big purchase, be sure to have a good understanding of what the intended use will be.

Pick a Bus Size and Type

There are full-size buses reaching up to 45 feet long and there are short busses that are closer to 22 ft long. After picking the size, there is the even larger task of picking a model of bus: conventional, front-engine transit, rear-engine transit and cut away short buses. The model of a bus is also a determining factor in fuel and maintenance costs. When buying a used bus the savings cost is a big selling point but be sure to factor in the fuel and maintenance costs to make sure those costs don’t outweigh the savings. Some consideration can be giving to the model as well as maintenance requirements vary. Thomas built buses, Bluebird and International are the most common brands you will see.

Assess the Overall Condition

A final assessment of the bus—top to bottom—should be completed before purchasing and if possible, by a professional. This check should include looking for rust and leaks throughout the bus, meaning not only around the exterior but under the bus as well. After inspecting the exterior, it is important to walk through the interior of the bus checking for any wear and tear and testing features like the audio equipment and HVAC system.

Have you gone through all these tips and still need help finding your perfect bus? Call the experts at Kerlin Bus and see what they can do for you!