Where In The US Are Electric School Buses?

The number of electric school buses is on the rise.

As reported by the World Resources Institute, more than 1,800 of these electric vehicles have been committed as of December 2021. They will be spread across 36 different states. With zero tailpipe emissions, this growth will have a significant impact on the air quality of the communities.

However, with roughly half a million school buses in the United States, those numbers are quickly put into perspective. Even with these advances, diesel school buses still make up about 95% of the national fleet. Although diesel has become 90% cleaner since 2006, the push for more and more electric vehicles continues.

So, what does “committed” actually mean? It’s not always the same. Buses are considered committed in a few different circumstances:

  • A school district or fleet operator was awarded funding to purchase them

  • A formal agreement has been reached with either a manufacturer or dealer

  • A bus has been delivered to the purchaser

This means that only a portion of these vehicles are actually on the road today. But what parts of the country have the most committed electric school buses?

A quick glance at the map shows that a majority of these commitments are on the coasts. In particular, California, the Northeast, and Florida have the most. Here in the Midwest, the only state to crack the nationwide top ten list was Michigan.

Indiana, however, is not left empty-handed. As of spring 2022, the Hoosier state has at least 18 commitments. This is a noteworthy increase after the state received its first usable electric school bus less than two years ago.

The number of committed electric school buses is also not split evenly in other ways. 57% are suburban communities, with urban a distant second at 27%. When combined, towns and rural communities only account for 17%.

Although the number of electric school buses remains relatively small, infrastructure funds and the growth in recent years are encouraging signs for the future. What would electrifying the fleet nationwide actually do? According to the World Resources Institute, this would reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions for all U.S buses by 35%.

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