Los autobuses de actividad

A new trend can be seen in the school bus industry: multifunctional school activity buses are getting to be more common. Many customers are purchasing activity buses and customizing them to look, feel and drive like motor coaches. The Thomas Type D rear-engine HDX, Type A Minotour, and smooth-sided Saf-T-Liner C2 are perfect for schools, churches, daycares and YMCAs because they meet all FMVSS standards for school bus safety with a personalized look. Buses can be customized with wider, more comfortable activity seats. Add air conditioning and a DVD player with multiple flip down screens for a cool and entertaining ride. Bookracks, luggage cages and reading lights are also available. The exterior can be customized as well. If you have an idea in mind we will be happy to work with you to bring that dream to reality.

Warning for Users of 15-Passenger Vans

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reinforced its concerns about 15-passenger van safety for the third time in four years: “The vans are convenient, but drivers and passengers have to use extra caution,” says Jeffery Runge, M.D. NHTSA administrator.

One thing that greatly increases the chance of a rollover is tire pressure. Research shows that 74 percent of all 15-passenger vans had significantly mis-inflated tires. NHTSA advises that tires should be checked once a week. The number of passengers also dramatically affects the rollover rate. Vans with more than 10 occupants are 3 times more likely to rollover in a crash than vans with less than five passengers.

On a positive note, the public is responding very well to new safety information and fatalities have declined 35% since advisories began in 2001.

Insurance companies are also picking up on this risk. Many insurance companies are no longer covering 15 passenger vans.

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