5 Quick School Bus Facts

1. Early School Buses Date Back to the Early 1800s

Although these school buses required a different horsepower they still were created to complete the same task. Larger horse-drawn carriages were used as public school buses to transport students who lived really far from the school. Since it was more common in those days to walk to school this mode of transportation wasn’t always heavily used.

2. The Classic Yellow School Bus

It’s not a coincidence that school buses tend to be that classic bright yellow color. Although it was never made a federal regulation that a school bus must be painted yellow it was recommended by The National Highway Transportation. Before it was recommended it was first introduced in 1939 by a professor at Columbia University. Frank Cry felt yellow was the safest color that could be easily visible in the dark.

3. “National School Bus Glossy Yellow”

Number three on our quick school bus fact list comes with a follow up a quick fact. That classic yellow school bus color goes by “National School Bus Glossy Yellow,” although that isn’t your typical “roll off the tongue” color name, that is how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines it.

4. Reducing a City’s Carbon Footprint

Although this is a larger vehicle that requires more fuel than an average person’s car it is used to transport more people than the normal five-person car. Reducing the number of cars on the road will at the same time reduce a city’s carbon footprint. With technology evolving, schools have started using bio-diesel buses or even electric buses to help combat diesel exhaust.

School Buses Can Mean Fewer Cars on the Road

There are an estimated 480,000 school buses used to transport students, sports teams and organizations on a regular basis. Each long bus can transport a maximum of 48 adults or 72 children. With the help of these buses, it eliminates the need for many cars to be on the road.

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