Keep Your Fleet Running This Winter

With the cold weather upon us, many school districts are preparing for sub-zero temperatures and snow. Before the cold weather hits, there are many steps you can take to be sure your fleet is winterized and many things you can do throughout the cold weather to help as well. Although your winterize prep list will vary depending on your bus, below are just a few things you can do for any bus.

Plugin Block Heaters

Be sure to plugin block heaters unless the school has auxiliary heaters for those parked out in the country. When the temperature drops well below freezing, the oil thickens and becomes gooey. It becomes harder to pass through your engine and if not enough oil is running through the engine, the engine has to work harder. Be sure to plugin block heaters to avoid wearing out your engine parts.

Set Front Defroster to Low
A bus’s front defroster clears the area directly in the driver’s line of sight about mid-way up the windshield in line with the driver’s line of sight.
Except for the extreme cold, the recommended idle time is 15 mins. By using the fast idle switch it will enhance the heater’s performance by raising the engine coolant temperature faster.
It’s important to fill up your tank when you know that your bus will not be running for the next eight hours or an extended period of time. When it’s cold enough, condensation can also cause fuel lines to freeze, preventing fuel from reaching your engine. This can lead to your bus stalling or refusing to start, which can be especially problematic in the colder months. You can also use a diesel additive if it’s not already in your fuel tank.
In extremely cold temperatures it’s important to periodically check rubber parts on your bus. Parts like hoses, fan belts, etc. that are made of rubber can become brittle when in cold weather.

Turn Fast Idle Switch On

Keep your Engine Full

Check Rubber Parts

Looking to get your bus serviced this winter? Give us a call to learn more about what our team can do for your bus or fleet.