How to Make the Case for Clean Diesel at your School (or Organization)

Maybe you know that clean diesel is the right choice, but you’re having a hard time getting all of the decision makers on board at your school or organization. These talking points should set you on the path to success as you make the case for clean diesel.

Clean diesel is proven.

People have been using diesel to power vehicles for a long time and for good reason. Diesel boasts outstanding operation range and fuel efficiency, two factors that have led to years of success for diesel fuel. This domination of diesel in the fuel market means that many schools and organizations already have the proper training and infrastructure in place to handle diesel buses. Mechanics are familiar with the routine maintenance required for diesel buses, and the maintenance schedule for these buses is often already in place. Sticking with diesel buses provides you with efficiencies that are lost when trying to diversify your bus fleet with different fuel options.

Clean diesel is cost-effective.

Money talks. Fortunately for you, clean diesel engines have proven themselves to be the most cost effective engines in today’s market. Reduced maintenance costs, stand-out fuel economy, and high resale value make diesel buses the best choice when it comes to true cost of ownership. Yes, gasoline-powered buses may have a more attractive purchase price, but clean diesel buses are low maintenance with outstanding fuel efficiency and high resale values making them overall a much better financial choice.

Clean diesel is long-lasting.

Diesel engines are built to last 15 to 20 years or sometimes even more. That means that diesel engines will almost never need replaced during the typical life of a school bus. This can significantly cut costs and downtime - two of the most critical factors when choosing a bus for your fleet. If you have a bus mechanic helping with the decision making, this point alone should win them over. Durability also plays a factor when it comes to resale. Clean diesel buses have earned a reputation for durability and dependability which gives them an edge in the thriving used bus market.

Clean diesel is clean.

This last one may seem obvious, but it’s also the hardest for people to believe. People have been trained in today’s environmentally conscious society to associate diesel with dirty. They think of diesel and instantly imagine the diesel of the past with its pollution-causing emissions. It’s your job to help the decision makers in your school or organization to overcome this misconception. Explain to them that not only are diesel emissions 90% cleaner than they were in 2006, but that they are also now comparable to or possibly even cleaner than other alternative fuel types available in today’s market.

Now that you’ve done your part to convince your school or organization that clean diesel is the best choice, stop by Kerlin Bus Sales in Silver Lake, Indiana for help finding the perfect new or used buses for your fleet. Our friendly sales representatives will be happy to address any remaining concerns that your organization may have about clean diesel and to prove that clean diesel buses really are the buses of the future.