School Bus to Food Truck

Continuing on with our series on unique bus conversions, we wanted to tell you about another amazing bus renovation that we recently came across. If you missed our first post in this series you will definitely want to check that out to read about Taylor’s amazing bus conversion in progress!) Meet Ray Ray Trump is an entrepreneur who decided to take pizza to a whole different level by bringing it to the streets - because who doesn’t love a good pizza? Skipping the more mainstream food truck options, Trump opted for a full sized school bus to house his pizza operations. His pizza bus has been outfitted with top of the line stainless steel commercial appliances and even a wood-fired pizza baking oven to give his pizza that extra special touch. It’s a concept that’s sure to turn heads and a genius way to bring pizza to the masses. To be honest, we’re jealous that we didn’t think of the idea first! Could You Be Next? Have you always dreamed of opening up your own restaurant, but don’t have the capital to purchase an entire restaurant facility along with all the necessary food equipment? A food truck or in this case a “food bus” could be the answer. Call the sales team at Kerlin Bus for assistance in finding the perfect used bus for your unique purpose. We would love to be a part of your food truck adventure (and for the record - we make great taste testers)!