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The History of School Buses

You share the road with big, yellow buses every single school day. They’re a common sight from coast to coast, but when do you think the first school buses were used? If you picture kids with poodle skirts and pompadour haircuts in the 1950s as the first ones to ride a school bus, you aren’t coming back far enough. The history of the school bus is longer and more interesting than you might think...

How To Prepare Your Bus For Winter

Before the temperature drops even further, take the time to ensure your bus is prepared. Being proactive now can help prevent problems down the road.

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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used School Bus

Whether you dream of designing a skoolie or simply need to transport a large group of kids, there are plenty of great reasons to buy a used school bus.

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Intellipark® Is Now Available On Some Thomas Built Buses

Technological advances continue to make buses safer. One of these newest advances, the Bendix Intellipark®, is now available for some Thomas Built Buses.

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Is an Electric School Bus Right For You?

Are you trying to decide if an electric school bus is a right choice for your fleet? There are many different advantages to having an electric bus, but there are many things to consider when making the switch. Answer these three questions to help you make the right decision.

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National Safety Month

National Safety Month was created to increase awareness of the leading safety and health risks and ultimately decrease the number of unintentional injuries and deaths in the United States. Kerlin Bus understands the importance of safety when it comes to bus transportation. Keep reading to learn about some features we offer on our school buses.

Busting Electric Bus Myths
Busting Electric Bus Myths

School districts are starting to look at the different alternative school buses. When considering electric school buses, there are many different myths that sway customers away from going that route. We are here to bust those myths on electric school buses and show you, just how beneficial they can be when added to your school bus fleet.

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Corregiendo los mitos diesel

El diesel de hoy en día ofrece manteniemiento fácil, la eficiencia de combustible lo más alto y la huella de carbono más pequeña--superando el propano y la gasolina.

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Mejor visibilidad y función de seguridad añadida para su autobús

La cámara PV360 es una de las características de seguridad más recientes que realmente ha hecho bien.

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Jouley: Lo más genial hecho en Carolina del Norte

Jouley por los autobuses construido por Thomas gana "lo más genial hecho en Carolina del Norte" organizado por la Cámara de Carolina del Norte.

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Videos de autobús Skoolie rehacer

Nuestros autobuses escolares usados en venta hacen un gran proyecto para aquellos interesados en las conversiones de RV. Cinco grandes proyectos.