Luggage Boxes

If you are looking for more ways to add storage on your bus for field trips, sporting events, and other trips we have the solution! The retrofit fiberglass luggage box can be added to your bus to provide the additional storage needed when traveling on a bus full of people. This box can be added to just one or both sides of your bus. Installations have been done on both the Saf-T-Liner C2 and HDX, conventional and transit units.

Learn More About the Unit

The fiberglass luggage box is formed around a steel cage and is secured to the cross members of the body during installation. The hardware includes stainless steel hinges and locking latches. Every piece that goes into this unit is made of quality products to ensure that this is built to last.

The interior of the box is approximately 26 cubic feet and the total length of the box is 100 inches. This box provides the perfect storage space for athletic equipment, extra supplies, and whatever else that might be needed. In addition to the 100-inch box, a 50-inch box is also available. The smaller size is perfect for shorter buses where there is no extra room for a 100-inch box.

Many of our team members have worked in this industry for many years and have a great understanding for what buses are in need of. For that reason, we have both designed and manufactured these boxes right here in Silver Lake, Indiana. Our team will also handle the installation of the luggage box. If you are interested in having a fiberglass luggage box installed on your bus, give us a call!