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Kerlin Bus Sales, your partner in transportation, is proud to carry the Thomas Built Buses line of buses. A market leader, Thomas Built Buses, engineering and design, construction methods, technology and even customer service are guided by bus safety and reliability.

Multi-Functional School Activity Bus

Multi-functional school activity buses (MFSABs) can be customized to look and feel like motor coaches while meeting all FMVSS standards for school bus safety, except color and 8-way light system.

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Lowest carbon footprint
Today's Clean Diesel

Today’s diesel offers easy maintenance, the highest fuel efficiency and the smallest carbon footprint — beating out propane and gasoline. No wonder most school districts choose new diesel.

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Kerlin bus saf t liner c2 6
Saf-T-Liner® C2

Offering outstanding maneuverability, exceptional driver ergonomics and best in class visibility among Type C buses; the Saf-T-Liner® C2 is also one of the most innovative vehicles around.

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Kerlin TBB Jouley
Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley™

Ideal for in-town routes, the Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley™ electric bus is the latest chapter in our joint commitment with Daimler to providing proven, sustainable solutions today. And tomorrow.

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Kerlin bus efx 9
Saf-T-Liner® EFX

When it comes to school buses, any improvement in efficiency can make a difference. Our Saf-T-Liner® EFX has plenty of examples: up to 90 pass., wider loading aisle and more.

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Kerlin bus hdx 3
Saf-T-Liner® HDX

Built to be rugged yet versatile, the HDX can make even the longest excursion comfortable. It is designed for driver and passenger comfort alike; this bus has it all.

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Kerlin bus type a 3
Thomas Minotour®/MyBus®

All the safety features and rugged engineering of bigger buses in an efficient and maneuverable package. Thomas's type A product meets and exceeds all FMVSS and CMVSS, unlike passenger vans.

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Kerlin Bus Sales in conjunction with Thomas Built Buses is a Sourcewell Approved vendor.