Clean Diesel

Clean Diesel is Green

No longer a “dirty” word in the transportation industry, diesel is 90% cleaner than it was in 2006, and with the many benefits of diesel over other fuels, it’s easy to see that clean diesel will be the fuel of the future.

Diesel is cleaner

There are many Myths about diesel engines today that just aren't true of today's current production diesel engines.

Diesel Engines ARE easy to maintain. Gone are the days of excessive regens. The Detroit® DD5™ and DD8™ have variable cam phasing and Cummins has the Stay warm feature both mean: "goodbye regen delays."

Exceed epa ghg emission requirements
Diesel IS a long-term solution.

Diesel engines can last 15 to 20 years or more. They almost never need replaced during the life of a school bus.

Diesel is the most cost-effective option. Diesel has a lower total cost of operation than other fuels. It is the most fuel efficient and offers up to 50% better fuel economy compared to similar size gas, propane and CNG engines. Factor in a longer operating range, there is time saving in fueling as well.


Todays Diesel is clean.

Diesel school buses are comparable to - or even cleaner than - propane and gasoline. *** Clean-diesel emissions are more than 90% cleaner than they were in 2006. Thomas Built diesel buses exceed EPA and greenhouse gas standard for particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and non-methane hydrocarbon.

***School bus emissions are based on 2017 Federal Emissions Standards and Federal Test Procedures (FTP) Cycles utilizing 2019 model year engines.

Lowest carbon footprint

Get the engine built for medium-duty applications. Power the possibilities with the Detroit DD5 engine for the Saf-T-Liner C2.

This medium-range engine also uses innovative technology such as variable exhaust cam phasing which reduces driver interactions with regen. The DD5 is available with the Detroit Connect Virtual Technician, a subscription-based remote diagnostic service (free for the first five years) that instantly transmits data to the Detroit Customer Support Center so you can make informed service decisions within minutes of an issue.

Fleet Cost Calculator
Total Operation Cost per Bus
Difference from Clean Diesel
Demand it all—and get it—with the Detroit DD5, featuring:
Long service intervals

The longest service intervals in the industry, with up to 45,000-mile* oil and fuel filter change intervals


Maximum uptime with unsurpassed efficiency and exceptional endurance

Reliable Performance

Power, performance and best-in-class fuel economy and reliability

Easier Serviceability

Easier serviceability with top-load oil and fuel filters


Standard warranty covers the engine and after-treatment for five years/100,000 miles, including 100% parts and labor

Contract coverage
Coverage Options

Extended coverage options available - Contact your Account Manager

4-cylinder design

A 4-cylinder design, which provides just as much torque as a 6-cylinder, but with better fuel efficiency

Exhaust pipe
Variable Exhaust Cam

Variable exhaust cam phasing which allows additional heat to the exhaust stream to promote efficient operation of the after-treatment system in low speed and stop-and-go operation. This reduces the need for active regen

*Or 12 months or 1,500 hours, whichever comes first

Download Clean Diesel Documentation

If you want more information our sales team has documentation that can help explain green diesel to all the stakeholders in your organization.