Meet Thomas's Electric Bus: Jouley

Electric buses are emissions-free at the tailpipe, noise pollution-free and fossil fuel-free. But not just plug and play. Let us help you navigate the electric bus landscape. We have a team of EV specialists with the experience to help with the complex twists and turns of infrastructure, financing, operations and more.

Kerlin TBB Jouley
The future is just around the corner

Thomas Built Buses has been in the transportation industry for more than 100 years. Now Thomas is driving a whole new way with the Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley™ electric bus. Ideal for in-town routes, the Jouley is the latest chapter in TBB's joint commitment with Daimler to provide proven, sustainable solutions today and tomorrow.

Kerlin tbb c2 jouley dash

Want a partner who can go the distance? Meet Proterra. Designed and manufactured by the best minds in the battery industry. Proterra's lightweight, powerful battery systems have delivered proven performance for millions of real-world miles on transit buses. The battery systems off unparalleled performance, greater fuel economy and record-breaking range for heavy-duty vehicles. Thomas Built Buses, Daimler and Proterra are co-creating the next generation of school bus operations.

Bus 1
Passenger Capacity

Up to 81


Up to 135 miles

Charge Time

Nominal charge in 2-3 hours at a DC charging station

Battery Energy

Up to 220 kWh power

Electric System: DC Power

295 peak horsepower,0-60 mph acceleration in 49 seconds depending on final drive rear axle ratio, standard SAE J1772 charging protocol, over-the-air battery management software updates, power-Save/economy mode to extend range when required, bilateral vehicle-to-grid capability, 2-speed transmission, liquid cooled battery pack, ability for vehicle to grid when paired with appropriate infrastructure


Comprehensive vehicle monitoring via telematics; predictive and real-time vehicles diagnostics for fleet managers; sales and service team support

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