School Bus to RV Conversion

Want to convert a school bus to an RV, there are a few things you need to know. This varies from state to state but in Indiana:
1. School bus yellow is a federally mandated color for school buses only. So, you will need to paint your bus. The sky is the limit here but not school bus yellow.
2. Since it is going to be an RV and not a bus you will need to remove seats.
3. Since it is an RV you will want to be sure to leave that driver’s seat where it is and make sure that you have a working seat belt so you can buckle in.
4. Only school buses can stop traffic in the road so you will need to remove stop signs.
5. Finally, you will need to remove the amber and red lights on the front and rear bulkhead of the bus or unhook then and paint them the same color as your bus.
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