Correcting Diesel Myths

Diesel engines are easy to maintain

Innovative technologies such as those used in the new DD5 and DD8 make diesel engines easier to maintain than ever. Variable Cam phasing on the DD5 and DD8 as well as the Cummins Stay Warm Feature have solved after-treatment issues.

Longer service intervals than gas and propane counter parts mean your vehicles are on the road when they need to be.

Diesel is a long term solution

Diesel engines are built to last and specifically designed for the medium-duty use. Diesel engines are designed to run 15 years or more. You will almost never need to replace today's diesel engine during the life of the vehicle.

Unlike many fuel alternative fuels, diesel engines don't need to be upfitted or replaced multiple times during their lifecycle, saving time, money and hassles.

Diesel is clean

Today's diesel is clean. In fact, diesel has the smallest overall carbon footprint over the operational lifetime of the bus. Thomas Built Buses meet or exceed EPA and greenhouse gas standards for particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and non-menthane hydrocarbon. In fact, 60 of todays C2 school buses produce less emissions than one 2002 school bus.

Diesel is cost-effective

The diesel engines of today offer up to 50% better fuel economy compared to other similar-size gasoline and propane engines. It has a farther operating range and a better resale value. All things to be considered when purchasing a bus.

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