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Back To School Bus Maintenance Checklist

Students will be back before you know it and that means your fleet must be ready. The last thing you want is to start the year with buses that are sidelined with issues that could have been addressed.

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2022 Clean School Bus Rebates Program - What You Need To Know

Upgrading your fleet may be less expensive than you thought. Over the next five years, the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program will provide $5 billion in funding.

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Your Guide To Bus Shopping Around Your School’s Budget

Purchase price. Operating costs. Safety. Reliability. Whether you need a single vehicle or an entire fleet, there are numerous details to consider.

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Are Electric School Buses Safe?

With millions of kids relying on buses to get them to and from school each day, this is an important question to ask. The safety of one vehicle compared to another can be difficult to quantify, but data can help shed light on the issue.

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Bus Drivers - The Forgotten Essential Workers

The pandemic shined a spotlight on just how vital countless professions are for daily life. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers were rightly heaped with praise. But the number of essential workers extends far beyond the medical field. One important role on that list is school bus drivers.

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Preventive Mechanical Maintenance For Buses

A bus unexpectedly breaks down. The fleet, which had already been spread thin, is forced to make timing and route changes. A tiny issue snowballed into a much bigger problem. The worst part is it all could have been avoided. Here are 5 useful tips to prevent a bus emergency.

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Craigslist Cautions: What to Know When Buying a Used School Bus

So you're looking to buy a used school bus? If you typed “used bus for sale craigslist” into Google, then you may want to consider the pros and cons before beginning your search.

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Where In The US Are Electric School Buses?

The number of electric school buses is on the rise. As reported by the World Resources Institute, more than 1,800 of these electric vehicles have been committed as of December 2021.

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Safer, Cleaner Diesel: The Growing Trend Of Diesel Buses

The reputation of diesel has come a long way. While some people still picture clouds of thick, dark smoke, the reality is diesel has improved by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

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2022 Infrastructure Funds For School Buses

In November, President Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law. In total, $5 billion was specifically designed to improve school buses. Districts across the country will have an opportunity to upgrade their fleet.

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Emissions Are A School Safety Issue

Emissions aren’t just an environmental issue. They’re also a school safety issue. To help spread the word, the EPA got creative by partnering with Scholastic to create a new book in a popular kids series called “The Magic School Bus Gets Clean Up.”

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The History of School Buses

When do you think the first school buses were used? If you picture kids with poodle skirts and pompadour haircuts in the 1950s as the first ones to ride a school bus, you aren’t coming back far enough. The history of the school bus is longer and more interesting than you might think...