Used Buses
Do you finance buses?

We work with Daimler Financial on new and late model buses. However, we are unable to provide financing for most used buses.

Do you take credit card payment for a bus?

Any purchases over $500 will be charged a 3% processing fee. We also accept Cash, Wire Transfers, Cashiers Check and Checks. If you pay with a check we will hold the title for the bus for 10 days or until the title clears. (This does not apply to buses leaving the country; those must be paid in full to leave the lot.)

How much does a used bus cost?

Used buses come in a wide range. If you see something listed you are interested in, we may just not have finished our check in process. Feel free to contact us via phone to get a price as it could move fast.

Do you ship buses?

We do not; transportation arrangements must be made by the purchaser. Buses are to be picked up in Silver Lake, IN.

New Buses
How much does a new bus cost?

New buses can range anywhere from $90k-120k or more depending on options. (Contact your regional account manager)

How do I find out more on a new buses?

Contact us and we will get you scheduled with your regional account manager.

How do I find out my bus Warranty?

Contact Tracy in the warranty department OR if you have access to DTNACONNECT.com you can look it up at any time. In recent years, binders were also delivered with your new buses and list things such as in service date, serial numbers and warranties.

What are some things I need to know to convert a school bus to RV?

This varies from state to state, but in Indiana:

  1. School bus yellow is a federally mandated color for school buses only. So, you will need to paint your bus. The sky is the limit here but not school bus yellow.
  2. Since it is going to be an RV and not a bus you will need to remove seats.
  3. Since it is an RV you will want to be sure to leave that driver’s seat where it is and make sure that you have a working seat belt so you can buckle in.
  4. Only school buses can stop traffic in the road so you will need to remove stop signs.
  5. Finally, you will need to remove the amber and red lights on the front and rear bulkhead of the bus or unhook them and paint them the same color as your bus.

Once you are ready you will need to have the bus inspected by a local law enforcement personnel and to have it changed from a school bus to an RV title.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.